The Shoutout Magazine intends to be a candy for your eyes and ears as well as
for your intellect. Fortunately not respecting the borders between the art genres of
photography, music, painting, installation or sculpture it shows newest developments
in modern art, fashion and music and offers you updated news and articles every
With a focus on topics like the human being in generel, his kinds of constructing as
well as de-constructing identity and different modes of physicalness it brings the
unknown fresh talent and the well-established artists to you at the same time. It is
the variety of different approaches artists choose – for example you can think of
particular gender or in contrast to that of a not intentional political view – concerning
these topics that gives the Shoutout Magazine this uniqueness.
Even though the Shoutout Magazine has a serious interest for the topics mentioned
above and reflects them in detail with an own point of view, it wants to be an open
platform and a place of communication too.
So feel free to contact us anytime you want!


You know how to play with words, get in contact with artists, interview, writing essays…
Welcome my friend!!! Get in contact with me and be a part of the  “Shoutout Magazine”.

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